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【Abstract : Brief introduction of HOYECHI giant LED Christmas tree】

Various Christmas decorations create the Christmas atmosphere, among which the Christmas tree should be mentioned in particular. Especially, people are likely to use giant Christmas tree in places like streets, shopping malls.

HOYECHI giant Christmas tree are designed to different styles: multi-layer(shaped like a cake or umbrella)or conical shape. The size of the giant Christmas tree can be customized and the diameter height can be 6m, 8m, 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m. The internal frame of the Christmas tree is made of metal, which makes it have a sturdy feature. We combine technology and lighting to create dazzling and colorful lighting effects like programming string light with warm light, cool light, and changing light. There is also a bright star at the top of the Christmas tree, bringing a sparkle of hope to the people.

On the joyful Christmas Eve, people will feel the warmth, pleasure and vitality from the dynamic lights as they stroll through the streets and pass by the giant Christmas tree. With darkness as the canvas, our giant Christmas trees use lights as the paintbrush to show the magic of light for people.

The appearance of HOYECHI giant LED Christmas tree is like the picture shown on our official website(http://1688.hoyechi.com/).

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