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【Abstract : Brief introduction of HOYECHI Christmas outdoor motif light decorations】

It can be said that Christmas lighting decoration is a kind of common artworkthat we can see them in streets, shopping malls and other places on Christmas. Moreover, with the continuous development of science and technology, the Christmas lighting decorations have changed a lot. Today, lets talk about Christmas lighting decorations. How much do you know about Christmas lighting decoration? Now, Ill show you the most beautiful Christmas lighting decorations.

First of all, The production of Christmas motif lights cannot be separated from the exquisite craftsmanship and the hard work of the professional team. Lets start with the manufacturing process of Outdoor Christmas motif light decoration. Modern Christmas lighting decorations mostly combine the light art and formative art, so theyre relatively complicated. The material contains steel, translucent plastic sheeting, white plastic flexible film, quick-drying adhesive, electrical tape, wires, plugs, sockets, LED bulbs, tape measures, cutting knives, hammers, connecting tools, scissors, small drills and bits. Then, according to the size of the Christmas lighting decoration you want to make, measure and cut out the right length of steel pipe, bend it into the right shape, then combine it, weld it, and finally bake the paint.

The next step is to install the circuit. The arrangement of the wiring should be absolutely rigorous to prevent leakage, short circuit and open circuit. After installation, we need to press the switch several times, first look at whether the light is even, to prevent the appearance of too much concentrated light; and then see whether the density is appropriate. It is best to transmit light but not the outline of the lamp. Last, dressthe lights. Now we usually use net yarn fabric, silk, Bamei satin and sequin cloth for the surface of the lights. It is better to spray some water on the fabric before pasting, and paste the cloth after the fabric dry. When pasting, you need to pay attention that whether the edge of fabric is roll and prevent chromatic aberration. This is the making process of Christmas lighting decoration.

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