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【Abstract : Introduction of some new design Christmas lights of Huayicai company】

On Christmas Day, there are always cards on the table filled with well-wishes. Nowadays, Christmas has become a holiday full of warm atmosphere, when people express their love to their family and friends and share the joy of this year. At Christmas time, you can always find creative and meticulous Christmas lights in commercial areas or shopping malls. Here, please follow me to see the beautiful Christmas of lights Huayicai company with a strong Christmas atmosphere.

This is a lighting consisting of three light sets. One of the light sets contains 5 LED light cubes, and they suspended at different angles and heights at the roadside. There is also a group of wave-shaped luminaire sets over 7.5 meters high. There is also a light group, which involves 50 wave luminaires densely grouped together to form a disc shape. They are installed in the square with gorgeous appearance and typical Christmas decorations that fit the Christmas atmosphere. When you get closer, you will mistakenly think that you have entered the fairy tale world.

This motif light of Huayicai company is a sitting teddy bear who wears an Santa hat and is very lovely. It is a middle-size motif light which is about 5m high. It is suitable for taking pictures, and people can stand in its arms to feel the warm atmosphere of Christmas.

After feeling the warm atmosphere, next I will take you to feel the romance of ice and snow of Christmas.

The theme of this light decoration is ‘Frozen, and the height of the light decoration reaches 10 meters. Together with the soundtrack of the movie and the wonderful light show, it makes people feel like they are really in a world of ice and snow.

We have introduced so many Christmas lights of Huayicai, is there one that impresses you? Will you decorate your house with Christmas lights yourself this year?

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