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How to Choose the Size of Christmas Tree for Indoor

【Abstract : For everyone who spends Christmas, setting up Christmas-related decorations is a very important thing.】

For everyone who spends Christmas, setting up Christmas-related decorations is a very important thing. People want their Christmas decorations to be both unique and have the warm atmosphere of Christmas. That's why more and more people are now making their own exclusive Christmas lights. When dressing up the house, the popular LED Christmas decorative lights are obviously essential. Because whether it's a Christmas wreath or a Christmas tree, people need to hang LED Christmas lights on them.

So what do you need to pay attention to if you're dressing up your Christmas tree with lights at home? First is the choice of the size of the Christmas tree. It is generally recommended to choose 1.5m to 1.8m if you place a Christmas tree at home. Considering the height of ordinary residential buildings, 2 meters and above is not very recommended, otherwise the house will look cluttered. At the same time, the taller the Christmas tree is, the larger the base will be, and naturally the space it occupies will be larger.

For children's rooms, you can choose 90cm to 120cm Christmas tree, which is more in line with children's aesthetics, and it is more convenient for children to dress up the Christmas tree by themselves. If you want to place it on the table, it is recommended that the Christmas tree should not exceed 60cm. You can choose 45cm or 50cm mini Christmas tree, otherwise it will looks weird.

The second is the location of placement, if you want a sense of atmosphere, then you can place the Christmas tree in the center of the home. Because the Christmas tree is absolutely the highlight of Christmas decorations, if you put it in the side hall or aisle etc., the atmosphere will be diluted a lot.

The last is the choice of lights, now people's first choice is almost always LED Christmas lights, because this light is both energy-saving and environment-friendly.

Huayicai LED lights are long-lasting and safe. The LED lights can save 70% to 90% of the energy and its lifespan is more than 10 times that of traditional Christmas lights.

LED Christmas decorative lights are not only energy efficient and safe, but the lighting effects of these lights are very rich. Christmas lights that people commonly use are colorful stars, clouds, angels, bells motif light, Santa Claus figurines and Christmas trees and so on.

We have introduced so many Christmas lights of Huayicai company, is there one that impresses you? Will you decorate your house with Christmas lights yourself this year?

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