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Production Process of Motif Light of Huayicai

【Abstract : Production Process of Motif Light of Huayicai Landscape Technology Company】

Next, let's get to know the its production process. our exquisite production technology and professionalism are highly affirmed and commended by the partners.

First, you need to draw a design drawing. Then you need prepare its material, which contains steel, translucent plastic sheeting, white plastic flexible film, quick-drying adhesive, electrical tape, wires, plugs, sockets, LED bulbs, tape measure, cutting knives, hammers, connecting tools, scissors, small drills and bits.

Then, according to the size of the Christmas lighting decoration you want to make, measure and cut out the right length of steel pipe, bend it into the right shape, then combine it, weld it, and finally bake the varnish. 

At the last, I want to say that with the steady development of technology and craftsmanship, I believe our company can create more and more creative Christmas decorations.

We Huayicai Landscape Technology Company insists on building a professional team, refining exquisite skills and being down-to-earth, and has obtained many high-standard qualifications with good quality and years of hard work. We Huayicai Landscape Technology company is a trustworthy partner, and it is a wise choice to choose us to cooperate and win together.

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