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What is the meaning of Christmas

【Abstract : The meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus.】

The meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Christmas is also called Christmas Day, which is translated as "Christ Mass". It originates from the Saturnalia, which the ancient Romans celebrated in the New Year, and has nothing to do with Christianity. After the prevalence of Christianity in the Roman Empire, the Holy See drifted with the tide to incorporate this folk festival into the Christian system and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

It is said that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born by the Virgin Mary. God sent Gabriel, an angel, to Joseph in a dream, to tell him not to give up Mary because she was unmarried and pregnant, but to marry her. He named the child Jesus, which meant that he would save the people from their sins. In order to commemorate the birth of Jesus, later generations set the 25th of December as the Christmas Day to celebrate Mass every year.

Christmas is a religious holiday. In the 19th century, the popularity of Christmas cards and the emergence of Santa Claus made Christmas gradually popular. After the Christmas celebration custom became popular in northern Europe, the Christmas decorations combined with the winter in the northern hemisphere also appeared.

From the 19th century to the middle of the 19th century, the whole Europe and America began to celebrate Christmas. And derived the corresponding Christmas culture. After the reform and opening up, Christmas has become particularly prominent in China. By the beginning of the 21st century, Christmas has organically combined with local customs in China and has become increasingly mature. Eating apples, wearing Christmas hats, sending Christmas cards, attending Christmas parties and shopping have become a part of Chinese life.

Nowadays, the images of Christmas, Santa Claus and Christmas tree are deeply rooted in children's hearts all over the world. When Christmas comes, many parents will tell children about the origin and customs of Christmas, so that children can understand the meaning behind Christmas, know how to love, know how to share, know how to be grateful and repay.

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