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The traditional customs of Christmas

【Abstract : t Christmas, people will decorate the Christmas tree, pile up Christmas gifts under the tree, sing and dance around the tree and open the gifts.】

At Christmas, people will decorate the Christmas tree, pile up Christmas gifts under the tree, sing and dance around the tree and open the gifts. Westerners will make a Christmas card and send it to each other to wish them a happy Christmas and maintain family and friendship. Christmas stockings are for Santa Claus to come in from the chimney at midnight and fill it with gifts. He can also sing Christmas carols and wear Christmas hats.

Christmas party

Christmas party is an indispensable program for Christmas, including family style, friend style and lover style. Holding Christmas parties can often deepen friendship, family and love. At the party, people wore Christmas hats, sang Christmas songs and told their Christmas wishes.

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is usually held on Christmas evening, mainly for family reunion, and guests are generally not invited to participate. The main food of the Christmas dinner is roast turkey, pudding and minced meat pie.

Christmas Hat

It's a red hat. It's said that when you wear it at night, you will not only sleep soundly, but also find Christmas gifts filled with hats the next day.

Christmas stocking

Christmas socks are a pair of big red socks, most of them can. Because it is used to hold gifts, it is the children's favorite. In the evening, children will hang Christmas stockings beside their beds and wait for the surprise of receiving gifts the next morning. What if someone delivers a car at Christmas? Then you'd better ask him to write a check and put it in his sock.

Christmas Card

Christmas cards are greeting cards to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. They are printed with pictures about the birth of Jesus and words to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

A good news

On Christmas Eve (from the evening of December 24 to the morning of December 25), the church organized some choirs (or spontaneously formed by believers) to sing Christmas carols door to door at other people's doors or windows, which is called "good news". This activity is often carried out until dawn, with more and more people singing louder and louder all over the streets.

Christmas carols

The hymn sung at Christmas is called "Christmas carol". There are many Christmas carols, and the music scores are mostly taken from the masterpieces of famous musicians, such as "Silent Night", "Messiah" (also known as "The Savior") and other music works are often sung.

Santa Claus

It is said that he was a white bearded old man wearing a red robe and a red hat. He was originally a bishop of a city in Asia Minor, named Saint Nicholas, and was honored as a saint after his death. Every Christmas, he would drive a sleigh pulled by deer from the north, enter each house from the chimney, and put Christmas gifts into the Christmas stockings that children hung on the bed or in front of the stove. According to this allusion, when Westerners celebrate Christmas, parents often put Christmas gifts into their children's socks hanging on the bed as gifts from Santa Claus.

christmas tree

It is said that a farmer received a hungry and cold child on a snowy Christmas night and invited him to have a big Christmas dinner. When the child left, he broke a fir tree branch and stuck it on the ground. He said, "Every year and this day, gifts are all over the tree. Keep this beautiful fir tree to repay your kindness." After the child left, the farmer found that the branch had turned into a small tree. Then he realized that the child was an angel of God. According to this allusion, every family in western countries should prepare a Christmas tree when celebrating Christmas to increase the festive atmosphere. The Christmas tree is usually made of evergreen trees such as cedars and cypresses, symbolizing the longevity of life. The tree is decorated with beautiful candles, colorful flowers, toys, stars, and hung with beautiful Christmas gifts. On Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree and enjoy themselves.

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