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What food do you have for Christmas?

【Abstract : Every Christmas, these foreigners prepare a lot of delicious food to celebrate the holiday. So, what traditional food is there at Christmas?】

Christmas is a very important holiday in foreign countries, just like the Chinese New Year, so every Christmas these foreigners will prepare a lot of food to celebrate the holiday. So, what traditional food is there at Christmas?

1. Turkey, roast goose

Turkey and roast goose are also necessary delicacies for Christmas. Foreigners generally use meat as their staple food, so roast turkey or roast goose is the first choice. Most countries have roast turkey for Christmas, while some countries choose roast goose, such as Britain.

Foreigners eat turkey or roast goose on Christmas Day just like we eat dumplings on New Year's Day. The roasted golden turkey or goose is placed in the dinner plate, with some vegetables or fruits around it, which makes people salivate.

2. Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a kind of biscuit made of honey, candied fruit peel, ginger, almond, brown sugar and spices. Many countries in Europe like to eat gingerbread at Christmas. Gingerbread can be made into various Christmas related patterns, such as the head of Father Christmas, Christmas tree, Christmas socks, etc.

3. Pudding

Christmas pudding must be eaten at Christmas. Christmas pudding is made of milk, oats, etc. There will be a complete almond in the pudding, but only one almond. So it depends on who eats this almond.

4. Ham sausage

Smoked ham should be the main dish in the traditional Christmas dinner. For our country, we are not used to eating smoked ham, but we can leave the restaurant and eat it with some sauce. Ham sausage can be roasted or fried.

5. Drink red wine

Drinking red wine at Christmas is the suffering Jesus suffered for human beings for several years, in order to thank him. In western countries, the flesh symbolizes the body of Jesus, and red wine is his blood. Jesus suffered for others and was nailed to the cross, which should be remembered by everyone.

6. Christmas cake

Christmas cake is a delicacy that cannot be missed at Christmas. It must also be chocolate and strawberry flavored. Generally, Christmas cakes are very beautiful. The four words "Merry Christmas" are carved with jam or chocolate, and special Christmas candles are inserted. Christmas candles are extinguished by the host in turn. Three beans will be put into the cake. Whoever eats the beans will be the king.

7. Christmas Salmon

There are many ways to eat salmon, but for Christmas in Western countries, salmon is the only fish or meat that is lacking. Salmon is also a popular food and a healthy food. Fish meat is rich in protein and OMEGA-3 fatty acids, with low fat content. Generally, smoked salmon slices are eaten with fresh lemon juice and butter.

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