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The moral and symbol of Christmas

【Abstract : The meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a traditional western festival】

The meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a traditional western festival. Every year, people celebrate together on this day to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a secular festival widely celebrated.

The moral and symbol of Christmas

The significance of Christmas to China

1. China's economic development and improvement of people's living standards

More and more Chinese people celebrate Christmas as a symbol of the country's economic development and the improvement of residents' living standards. The more developed the economy, the higher the income of residents, the stronger the material base of residents, the stronger the pursuit of leisure, and the more holidays and festivals.

2. The Deepening of Cultural Exchanges between China and the West and the Role of Western Powerful Economy

China is opening up to the outside world more and more. A large number of European and American multinational companies have entered China, and a large number of Westerners have come to China to work and travel. Many Western traditional habits have also been brought into China more widely and have a far-reaching impact. Christmas is becoming more and more popular in China, and the economy is also an important factor. In China, a country with no Christian tradition at all, Christmas is so popular that the relative strength of western economy and culture has played a subtle role. The rise of Christmas in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other regions has a longer history than China, mainly because of the spread and dissemination of culture in more economically developed countries and regions.

The moral and symbol of Christmas

3. Urban residents, especially young people, have formed a special orientation for Christmas

The Spring Festival is a time that Chinese people are used to reliving family ties. It is about reunion; The National Day holiday is a luxury rest time. Residents only want to travel with their families, or simply take a rest and sleep late to keep their spirits up; As for the foreign festival represented by Christmas, Chinese urban residents, especially the young people, have blurred its original meaning and turned it into a party of crazy and happy revelry. From the perspective of folklore, Chinese traditional festivals emphasize reunion, so it seems to be a burden for many young people, while most western festivals are carnival, and Christmas is more like celebrating for themselves. For young people who advocate individuality and pursue fashion, foreign festivals can promote a free mood.

4. Promotion by businesses and media

The propaganda campaign promoted by businesses and the media from all aspects has led the ordinary people to fantasize and yearn for the festival, thus creating a magnificent Christmas army. As in the current National Day Golden Week, people do not have to travel, but when the environment provides such an actionable condition, and the media and businesses have done such a "beautiful" trap, people have to jump in. Of course, there is no harm in letting more people jump into this trap, which is also a holiday economy.

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