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Christmas or Christmas Eve

【Abstract : Generally, apples are eaten on Christmas Eve, and the day before Christmas is Christmas Eve】

Apple or Snake Fruit on Christmas Eve

It's OK to eat apples or snakefruit on Christmas Eve.

There are many kinds of apples, and snakefruit is one of them. On Christmas Eve, any kind of apple can be eaten, but the shape of snakefruit is more beautiful, so it has become the choice of many people.

Christmas Eve gifts or Christmas gifts

In fact, Christmas Eve and Christmas gifts can be given on any day, but generally speaking, apples will be given on Christmas Eve, so gifts can be kept until Christmas Day, but you can also send Christmas gifts together with apples on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas, so gifts in this period can be given on any day. Generally speaking, many people will choose Christmas Eve to give gifts. Christmas Eve is equivalent to the Chinese New Year's Eve and Christmas is equivalent to the Spring Festival. Both are the most important festivals of the year. There is no comparison between Christmas Eve and Christmas.

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