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Christmas customs in Germany

【Abstract : On Christmas Eve, children are eagerly waiting for】

Holy Presence, Candlelight

The Adventist wreath has four candles, which are lit on four Adventist Sundays. At first, the Sacred Presence wreath was made of wood with 24 candles. Its inventor is evangelical theologian and educator Hinrich Vichen. In 1839, he made the Sacred Presence Ring for the students. Students can calculate how many days are left before Christmas according to the quantity of wax burning.

The bustle of the Christmas market

In the late Middle Ages, people flocked to the Christmas market when Christmas was approaching. However, at that time, people did not go there to drink hot wine, but to purchase food for the cold season. Later, craftsmen, toy makers and pastry chefs were also allowed to sell their own products there. Today, Christmas markets can be seen all over the world.

The tree that swept the world

She surrounds the gift of the Christ Child with her own branches. At first, the fir tree of Christmas was only for the rich. It was only as more and more fir and oak forests were planted in the 19th century that more and more families were able to get a tree. Later, this custom spread all over the world from Germany.

Holy gift

On Christmas Eve, children are eagerly waiting for "gifts". The word originates from the Middle Ancient Highland German word "beschern", which means "God distributes". The background of this custom is the view that Christmas gifts are God's gifts as gifts of Christ, the baby of Christ.

Christmas goose or potato salad

Some people associate Christmas with special delicacies such as roast goose. Others served a potato salad with sausage. Earlier, traditionally, the wealthier families ate geese, while the poor could only be satisfied with simple meals. But now you can choose at will.

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