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Christmas customs in various countries

【Abstract : What are the customs of Christmas in various countries around the world?】

Christmas in Australian Summer


We all know that Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, so it is a big summer in Australia during Christmas. Christmas in Australia is not only happy, but also casual, without many traditions. Generally speaking, people will get up early on Christmas Day. It is the local custom to eat a crescent shaped bread. Then it is to open gifts, receive guests or go to relatives and friends' homes for reunion. What we do together is to give gifts to each other. For lunch, seafood, salad and cold meat are usually served. Some people also have barbecue. Then go to the seaside for a leisurely afternoon. Dinner is the leftover from lunch. It is also delicious with good wine.

New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia are located in Australia, so Christmas is also summer. And because New Zealand is a country of immigrants, many of its residents come from the northern hemisphere, that is, from a country where Christmas is winter. Therefore, New Zealand will have two Christmas holidays. One is in December in summer, and the other is in winter in July. After all, Christmas without snow always makes people who are used to living in the northern hemisphere feel less. So in July, New Zealand hotels will launch a full range of Christmas services, including Christmas trees, gifts and essential Christmas dinner, to make up for the shortcomings of Christmas in December.

Such a custom is also popular in New Zealand. Twelve days before Christmas Eve, the children will go to a family and friends' home every day to share the joy of Christmas with them, which also inspires them to do something for others. Even a smile to a stranger is extremely beautiful and precious in the Christmas season.

Christmas in Winter in Europe


The British people pay the most attention to eating at Christmas. The food includes roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas mince cake, etc. Every family member has a gift, and so does the servant. All the gifts are delivered on Christmas morning. Some Christmas singers sing good news from door to door. They will be invited into the house by the host to entertain them with refreshments or give small gifts


Because the United States is a country composed of many ethnic groups, the situation of Americans celebrating Christmas is also the most complicated. Immigrants from various countries still follow the customs of their motherland. However, in the Christmas period, Americans hang garlands outside their doors and other chic decorations are the same


Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, Norwegians put a pair of shoes they wore in a row from large to small, which is a way for each person to take turns singing his favorite Christmas song or hymn.


Every Italian family has a model of the story of the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Eve, families get together to have a big meal and attend Christmas Mass at midnight. After that, they went to visit relatives and friends. Only children and elderly people received gifts. At Christmas, Italians have a good custom. Children write compositions or poems to express their gratitude to their parents for their upbringing. Their works were hidden in napkins, under dishes or tablecloths before the Christmas dinner, and their parents pretended not to see them. After they finished the big meal, they took it back and read it aloud to everyone


Swedes are very hospitable. At Christmas, it is more obvious that a beautiful family, rich or poor, welcomes friends, and even strangers can go. All kinds of food are put on the table and people can eat them


Swiss Santa Claus wears a white robe and a mask. They are all dressed up by poor people, and they ask for food and gifts from people in groups. After the team is closed, they will share their gains equally


Chileans celebrate Christmas with a cold drink called Monkey Tail, which is made of coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermented grapes


In France, almost all adults go to church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the family will go to the home of the oldest married brother or sister to have dinner together. This gathering is to discuss important matters at home, but in case of family discord, the past grievances will disappear and everyone will be reconciled as before, so Christmas is a kind day in France


Spanish children put their shoes outside the door or window to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities there are gifts for the most beautiful children. Cattle can also get good treatment on that day. It is said that when Jesus was born, a cow once breathed to make him warm


On Christmas Eve, every family in Ireland places a foreign candle or lamp on the window and door frame to welcome the birth of the savior


Denmark first introduced Christmas stamps and so-called anti consumption stamps, which were issued to raise funds for anti consumption. There is no Christmas mail sent by Danes without such stamps. People who receive and receive emails will like more Christmas stamps when they see them


Scots look for things borrowed from others at home and must return them to the owner before Christmas. Most of them give gifts on the first Monday of the New Year, not during Christmas. Children and servants will get gifts


Dutch Christmas gifts are often unexpected and sometimes hidden in pudding and lamb intestines


Every Jesuit family in Germany has a Christmas tree, which is the first in Germany. Germans are very particular about making Christmas cakes. There are many styles of cakes, which are presented to relatives and friends.

The customs and habits of Christmas in European countries, Australia and the United States are different. Because of its special national nature, New Zealand even has two Christmas holidays a year. All of these can tell how important Christmas is. In China, influenced by foreign countries, Christmas trees and Santa Claus will be decorated during Christmas, and apples will be sent to each other on Christmas Eve.

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