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What are the customs of Christmas in America?

【Abstract : Wearing Christmas hats, singing Christmas songs and talking about everyone's Christmas wishes.】


The essential programs for Christmas include family style, friend style and lover style. A good time for friendship, family and love gathering. Wearing Christmas hats, singing Christmas songs and talking about everyone's Christmas wishes.

Christmas dinner

Christmas, as a grand celebration of Chongqing, can not be without delicious food. The Christmas turkey dinner is a typical main dish. In the past, people might use microwave ovens to make their own dishes. Nowadays, people often eat outside restaurants on holidays. Businessmen also take advantage of the opportunity to earn money from customers. Of course, there are many Christmas food, gingerbread, candy, and so on.

Christmas Hat

It's a red hat. It's said that in addition to sleeping soundly and warm at night, you will find some gifts from loved ones in the hat the next day. In the carnival night, it is the leading role of the whole audience. No matter where you go, you will see all kinds of red hats, some with shiny tips and some with glittering gold.

Christmas stocking

At first, they used to be a pair of big red socks, most of which are OK, because Christmas socks are used to hold gifts. Children's favorite things, they will hang their socks beside the bed at night, waiting for the next morning's gift. What if someone gives a car for Christmas? You'd better ask him to write a check and put it in his sock.

Christmas Card

It is a greeting card to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. It is printed with pictures about the birth of Jesus, as well as words like "Celebrate Christmas and Happy New Year".

A good news

Christmas Eve refers to the night of December 24 to the morning of December 25. The church organizes some choirs (or those formed spontaneously by believers) to sing Christmas carols door to door or under the windows, called "good news", which means to reproduce the good news that angels reported the birth of Jesus to shepherds in Bethlehem. The "good news" people are called ChristmasWaits. This activity usually lasts until dawn, with more and more people singing loudly. The streets and alleys are full of songs.

Santa Claus

It is said that he was a bishop of Myra, Asia Minor, named Saint Nicholas. After his death, he was honored as a saint. He was an old man with white beard wearing a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he drives a sleigh pulled by deer from the north, enters each house from the chimney, and puts Christmas gifts in socks to hang on the children's bedside or in front of the stove. Therefore, when Westerners celebrate Christmas, parents put Christmas gifts for their children in socks and hang them on the bedside of their children on Christmas Eve. The next day, the first thing the children did when they woke up was to look for gifts from Santa Claus on the bed. Nowadays, Santa Claus has become a symbol of good luck. He is not only an indispensable figure for Christmas, but also for celebrating the New Year.

christmas tree

It is said that a farmer received a hungry and cold child on a snowy Christmas night and asked him to have a big Christmas dinner. When the child said goodbye, he broke a fir tree branch and stuck it on the ground and said, "Every year and this day, gifts are full of branches. Stay in this beautiful fir village to repay your kindness." After the child left, the farmer found that the branch had turned into a small tree. Then he realized that he was receiving an envoy of God. This story became the source of the Christmas tree. In the West, whether Christian or not, a Christmas tree should be prepared for Christmas to increase the festive atmosphere. The Christmas tree is usually made of evergreen trees such as cedars and cypresses, symbolizing the longevity of life. The tree is decorated with various candles, colorful flowers, toys, stars and various Christmas gifts. On Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree and enjoy themselves.

Christmas gifts

According to the Bible, saints from the East gave gifts when Jesus was born, which is the origin of the custom of Santa Claus giving gifts to children. British children put their stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, believing that Santa Claus would come down the chimney at night and bring them presents full of socks. French children put their shoes at the door, so that "when the baby comes, put the gifts in the shoes.".

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