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The design elements of various types of scene lighting in Christmas lighting project

【Abstract : The design elements of various types of scene lighting in Christmas lighting project】

In order to make Christmas lighting project better display Christmas decoration, in the design of Huayicai Christmas lights and before implementation, the combination of lighting colors is constantly adjusted. At the same time, in the choice of materials, we will take into account the needs of the program and the actual cost, and with high-quality technology, to show the best visual effect of motif light! Christmas motif light is a kind of special Christmas lights. Its main body is the lighting, which creates a vibrant Christmas atmosphere depending on the different decorations. The design points of Christmas motif light:

1. The size of Christmas motif light

The size needs to be appropriately set according to the reference. The size of the Christmas lights should be developed according to the size of the mall itself and the surrounding buildings, as well as taking into account people's visual sense. And can consider the human visual angle, so that people have a sense of immersion.

2. The design of Christmas motif light

The design of Christmas motif light should be based on images and visual feelings, so that people can feel the Christmas atmosphere. To take into account the overall viewing effect of the motif light from all angles, the whole light should be able to catch the audience's eyes and attention.

3. The materials and production of Christmas motif light

When decorating, we need to consider the materials and technology comprehensively in order to reproduce the Christmas lighting effects as much as possible. Based on the results of the design, the materials were chosen to meet both architectural and functional requirements, and to create a Christmas atmosphere through the texture of the materials.

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