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outdoor Christmas tree

Three-dimensional lighted Christmas tree

【Abstract : Beautiful commercial outdoor Christmas tree】

Product Name: Lighted Christmas Tree,

Use of the product: Christmas scenes, can also be used for park decoration, light show very good decorations. Produced by HuaYicai Company

Product properties and parameters: height 4.5m 15ft, reference weight 100KG

Product place of use: suitable for outdoor, waterproof design, wind resistant, cold resistant

Features and advantages of the product: beautiful shape, safe and stable, easy to install. Very beautiful.

The company can provide services and advantages: Huayicai has 20 years of production and operation, and is a strong manufacturer in China, Huayicai can provide UL certification, CE certification, Huayicai has obtained ISO9001 certification. We supply products to Wal-Mart and Kestrel. Excellent quality. HuaYiCai can customize products for customers, HuaYiCai has no minimum order quantity, one piece can be customized. We offer a free design service, just let me know what you want and we will work out a design. Save time for you. Huayicai can come to your local area for installation. Especially for large decorative projects. We can provide installation services.

   Hua Yicai also hopes to cooperate deeply with scenic spots and parks around the world, Hua Yicai will provide free lighting products for commercial display, and then cooperate to share the revenue. Email gaoda@hyclight.com Welcome your inquiry!

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