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110ft Giant Christmas Tree completed by HuaYicai

【Abstract : HuaYicai completed the 110 feet large Christmas tree commercial giant Christmas tree Christmas lighting project】

Dongguan Huayicai Company has created a 35m 110ft high Christmas tree for the Uspbekistan Parliament Square. The tree is made of high quality steel and can withstand a category 12 hurricane without collapsing outdoors. With a diameter of 56 feet, the tree is extremely durable and stable. The branches of the tree are also made from fire retardant and environmentally friendly materials, so the non-flammable branches are really good and customers won't have to worry about the lights overheating and burning. No one wants to have any unsafe factors in the Christmas cheerful days, Dongguan Huayicai will exclude them and bring beauty and joy to the customers who buy Dongguan Huayicai's products.
This giant Christmas tree, which Dongguan Huayicai calls a commercial outdoor Christmas tree, must have a lot of Christmas decorations, and is very beautiful to decorate. Fashionable. The lights are high tech thanks to the RGBW string lights. The lights come in a variety of styles and are colourful.
The lights of this large Christmas tree are highly waterproof and cold resistant. It is also durable and can be reused for up to 10 years, using 1 million beads, each of which is a pixel bead and can be programmed. Each bead is a pixel bead and can be programmed to give as many graphic presentations as you like. Fill Christmas with joy and anticipation.
This huge Christmas tree was a challenge to create and transport. An even bigger challenge was the installation. As there were not enough qualified installers in the area, Dongguan Huayicai had to send 10 workers to install the tree. Together with the local staff, the Christmas tree was built and set up. This is also a service provided by Dongguan Huayicai, which is a good solution to the problem of installing a giant Christmas tree. If you also have a requirement in this area, please email us at gaoda@hyclight.com

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