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Dongguan Huayicai Landscape Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009  and has been engaged in traditional lantern festivals, sculpture projects, large-scale Christmas trees, artificial snow scenery, R&D and design, production of large-scale lighting, Folk Lantern festivals, large-scale Christmas trees, simulated snow layout, lighting crafts production. The company has formed a set of activities planning, design and production, production and processing in one stop service. Traditional lantern crafts are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, because of the novelty and fashion is favored by overseas markets! Before, we went to most parts of the country and even the world to make on-site customized products for our customers, such as Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia, Dubai, the United States and other countries. We have accumulated a lot of experience in making export and import declaration visas, as well as communication and foreign cooperation.
We have a strong planning and design team, free of charge to provide customers with the latest and most complete design plan and the most intuitive effect map. There is also a strong production, installation and maintenance team.
We are equipped with technical director, Damei, sculptor, stylist, fitter, welder, sprayer, electrician, mounting embroiderer, artist, painter, mould worker, each type of work is responsible for different processes.Besides, it is the lead company that has obtained more than 300 certifications including CE, ROHS,  ISO9001 quality management standard certification, the National AAA Credit Enterprise Engineering and Technical Quality certifications,  etc.

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