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【Abstract : Hua Yicai Landscape Technology Co., LTD. - mainly engaged in all kinds of theme lighting and landscape sculpture, can provide free design services.】

  Hua YiCai Company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, is a manufacturer of all kinds of theme lighting, with 20 years of production and management experience, has passed the ISO9001 quality certification, CE certification, ROHS certification, to provide excellent quality products.

  The main business of Hua YiCai company includes: holiday decoration lighting project, large Christmas tree, landscape sculpture, commercial art display, garden series handicraft production, etc., undertake lighting design and production of large Christmas tree, various festivals, streets, squares, parks and other scenes; Has a strong R & D design team, according to customer needs can provide free design and customization services, one piece can be customized.

  Hua YiCai Company have a planning, production and installation team, can provide installation services to customers' locations, to assist customers in the on-site installation of modulation.

  Because of the company's exquisite technology and thoughtful service, by the overseas market's favor! Welcome friends from all walks of life to establish and develop good business relations with us, we are confident to serve every customer.

  Hua YiCai Company looking forward to cooperating with your company! Please contact merry@hyclight.com if you need.

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