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【Abstract : Introduction of new design gingerbread house motif light of Huayicai company】

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is looking forward to its arrival. People prepare decorations in advance, to dress up their houses, streets and squares for Christmas. We Huayicai Landscape Technology Company have always been dedicated to the research and development of outdoor decorative lighting that is beautiful and makes people feel happy, as this year, we also launched a new product - gingerbread house motif light.

The HOYECHI candy house motif light, 2 meters from the top to the bottom, is made of iron frame, LED string lights or LED rope lights and a layer of fabric. Since it is cartoon style, it looks very cute overall. The white part is the icing, and there are colorful sugars of varying sizes on top, making you want to take a bite! The orange part is the gingerbread, and the warm light from the internal LED lights makes it look even more appetizing.

Unlike the real gingerbread house, we seem to be able to really live in this “house”. When people stand next to this motif light, they seem to become small to enter the fairy tale world. It is so suitable as an outdoor decoration for Christmas that people will be amazed by its creativity and exquisiteness.

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