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2022 Huayicai LED Reindeer Family Motif Light

【Abstract : 2022 New design waterproof IP 65 iron frame LED reindeer family motif light】

This kind of reindeer motif light is one of the main products of Huayicai. They looked very dreamy, luxurious and the warm light can create a perfect Christmas atmosphere for the environment. This reindeer family gets together, just like families will get together for dinner at Christmas and celebrate this beautiful holiday together.

Today, Ill introduce the advantages and benefits of this reindeer motif light to you.

Firstly, as you can see, the antlers and feet of the Christmas reindeer motif light can be detached and then folded for packing, so the package volume is very small and can save transportation costs for you.

Next, the framework we use steel frame, and our iron frame has done baking paint treatment and is not easy to rust. In addition to this, the materials are cotton thread, glitter and LED lights. Our LED lights have various certifications such as UL, CE, NOM, etc. supporting certification testing for each region. Our glitter powder is also eco-friendly without any odor, which is not harmful to the body and also has a inspection certificate.

Last, For self-use, you can use it both outdoor and indoor; and for commercial use, it can create the Christmas atmosphere for shopping malls, stores, supermarkets, plazas and squares.

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