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Legends about Christmas

【Abstract : The legendary Santa Claus is a white bearded old man wearing a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas, he drives a sleigh pulled by deer from the north and enters the houses from the chimney】

The legendary Santa Claus is a white bearded old man wearing a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he drives a sleigh pulled by deer from the north, enters each house from the chimney, and puts Christmas gifts in socks to hang on the children's bedside or in front of the stove

The original name of Santa Claus is Nicolaus. He was born in Asia Minor at the end of the third century. He has good character and is well educated. As an adult, he entered the monastery and became a priest. Soon after his parents died, he sold all his family property and gave alms to the poor. At that time, there was a poor family with three daughters. The eldest daughter was 20 years old, the second daughter was 18 years old, and the youngest daughter was 16 years old; Only the second daughter was healthy, intelligent and beautiful, and the other two daughters were weak and sickly. So his father wanted to sell his second daughter to make a living. Old Saint Nichols came to comfort them when he learned about it. At night, old Nigel secretly put three socks of gold on the bed of the three girls; The next day, the three sisters found gold. They were overjoyed. They not only paid off their debts, but also lived a carefree life. Later, they learned that the gold was given by old Nigel. It was Christmas Day, so they invited him home to express their thanks.

Later, every Christmas, people told the story. The children were very envious and hoped that Santa Claus would also send them gifts. So there is the above legend. (The legend of Christmas stockings also came from this. Later, children all over the world had the custom of hanging Christmas stockings.)

Later, Nicole became a bishop. He tried his best to spread the holy religion. He died in 359 AD and was buried in the temple. After death, there are many miraculous traces. Especially, the incense liquid often flows near the tomb, which can cure all diseases.

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