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【Abstract : When it comes to LED Christmas lights, many people may feel strange. Because this product is in great demand in most foreign countries every year.】

When it comes to LED Christmas lights, many people may feel strange. Because this product is in great demand in most foreign countries every year, we only buy some for decoration during festivals at home.

Foreign countries usually like warm white 2700K color temperature Christmas lights string, like all kinds of Christmas deer, cane lights are like warm white decoration. Of course, gradually there are a lot of dynamic changes, with the controller, the string of lights will flash. Usually 10 meters or 20 meters of specifications are used more, monochrome, or four colors, or monochrome lamp beads plus a few flash bubbles, so that the lamp string will give a kind of vitality. Some of them also want to have a full flash, a full flash string of lights divided into rhythmic and non-rhythmic. Each shining like a sky of stars, constantly blinking eyes. The other is the synchronized change of the lamp string, large tracts of light string together with a variety of colors, the scene is very spectacular.

Now there are a lot of modeling lights, most of which are changed from the Christmas lights, using lights to tie various styles of modeling. In the past, rice bubbles were used as light source, but later, with the emergence of new energy LED, LED gradually replaced rice bubbles. Before the common use of LED lamp beads, F3, F5 lamp beads, divided into concave head, flat head, round and so on. In the later period, the patch lamp beads appeared. Now, the copper wire lamp string has been applied to the patch lamp beads, which can better decorate gifts and other decorations.

Copper wire lamp series are generally low-voltage products, or battery cases or solar and USB connectors. Recently, there has been a new kind of lamp string product -- LED leather string lamp string, which has higher brightness and wider luminous surface. Leather line lamp string can be applied to a variety of environments, because it can be added programming, point, line, surface, many aspects of use. It can be used as ordinary lights strung around trees, outline lighting of buildings, or indoor and outdoor display screens.

Through the above analysis, we should have a deeper understanding of LED light string, it can bring more people a sense of science and technology, sense of vitality of the world. Science is constantly advancing, and we need to work harder to keep up.

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