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【Abstract : The selection of fiber optic star ceiling material of Huayicai Company.】

What are some tips for decorating with holiday lights? The use of inductive ballasts should be avoided whenever possible. The flickering of light, like the light from the fluorescent lamps of commonly used magnetic ballasts, produces 100 changes in brightness and darkness per second. Working in this kind of light environment for a long time, people's eyes are easy to fatigue, and even cause myopia.
The selection of fiber optic star ceiling material of Huayicai CompanyIn the decoration of the theater, polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is usually used as the ceiling material. Advantages are as follows: 1. Optical fiber is not easy to wear; 2. free cutting chamfer, can splice different shapes; 3. good sound absorption performance; 4. a variety of colors are optional, no post-processing; 5, good environmental protection, conducive to environmental protection.

  Optical fiber size and quantity configuration. Configure an equal number of optical fibers based on the length/width ratio of the installation position. Reasonable distribution of different lengths and diameters of optical fibers, too dense or too sparse will lead to unsatisfactory final results. When installing an optical fiber, install a shorter optical fiber near the light source and a longer optical fiber far away from the light source.
   For example, install 1 meter optical fiber near the light source, then 1.5 meters, 2 meters and other lengths of optical fiber. Optical fibers of different diameters are distributed among them, and superbright stars, bright stars, and faint stars present a realistic night sky. Stars twinkle, so that different colors appear alternately, can also be located separately to a certain color. It's really nice and convenient.


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