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【Abstract : christmas tree manufacturer China 4m christmas tree】

A Christmas tree is a kind of evergreen tree that is decorated with lights, candles and decorative objects to turn a fir or pine tree into a very beautiful tree. It is one of the most important elements of Christmas. Today we are going to introduce a 4m Christmas tree tree.

Introduce of the 4m christmas tree:

A  4m Christmas tree tree is a giant Christmas tree. The taller the Christmas tree, the more objects need to be decorated. It is not easy to decorate a giant Christmas tree beautifully. We all know that the type and shape of Christmas balls are different. Therefore, large Christmas trees are usually decorated with different types of balls. This will make the Christmas tree look more beautiful. For example, a 24-inch Christmas tree does not decorate any decorative balls or uses the same type of balls. This looks no different from a normal tree. So for large Christmas balls, we provide many types for users to choose:such as Beach christmas ornament ball,Fiberglass Christmas decorations,Yoga ball christmas ornament and so on.

For the  4m Christmas tree, the materials we use are PVC/PE/PET/optical fiber, and there are 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm, 240cm, 300cm, 400cm high trees to choose from. And provide a variety of color decorations, such as white, green, gold, silver, black lights in a variety of colors, Christmas tree ornaments such as blister, sphere, pine cones, stars, snowflakes and other decorative items, the input voltage can support 110V, 220V, 24V , 12V, etc.

The oversized outdoor Christmas tree ball always attracts special attention. If there is a Christmas tree, it can decorate the studio or courtyard. Then it will make the living environment very lovely. I mean, look how cute they are! These oversized decorations almost blend into the joy of Christmas.

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