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Giant LED Christmas Tree and Production Process| HOYECHI

【Abstract : Introduction of new design Christmas tree of Huayicai company and its production process】

This Christmas tree is different from the previous Christmas trees, because both its color and decoration are very unique. The overall Christmas tree is covered with colorful lights, just like wearing a starry coat. There is a shining star at the top of the tree, which is the essence of the design of this Christmas tree. The star stands on the top of the tree, like the leader of all the tiny stars on the Christmas tree, leading the stars to shine. Just like the lyric:

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are !
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.’

When I saw them shine together at that moment, I couldn't help but amaze at the visual shock brought by modern technology and craftsmanship.

After seeing this giant LED Christmas tree of Huayicai, are you interested in its production process? Next, I'll introduce it to you.

First, you need to draw a design drawing. Then you need prepare its material, which contains steel, translucent plastic sheeting, white plastic flexible film, quick-drying adhesive, electrical tape, wires, plugs, sockets, LED bulbs, tape measure, cutting knives, hammers, connecting tools, scissors, small drills and bits. Then, according to the size of the Christmas lighting decoration you want to make, measure and cut out the right length of steel pipe, bend it into the right shape, then combine it, weld it, and finally bake the paint.

At the last, I want to say that with the steady development of technology and craftsmanship, I hope I can see Christmas decorations like these lights every year.

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