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Welcome to the overseas live stream room of Huayicai Company

【Abstract : Huayicai Company can provide one-stop holiday lighting engineering design service because we have a professional team for R & D, planning, design, production and installation.】

Huayicai Company was Founded in 2002, HuaYiCai has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and operating in the field of Christmas decoration. We provide all kinds of Christmas decorations, such as large LED Christmas trees, cute snowmen, Santa Claus, Christmas reindeer family motif light, festival lanterns and various motif lights. 

In recent years, Huaycai Company has been adopting a combination of various sales methods, such as driving the sales of the company's products through live broadcast, etc. It is because of the experience of moving forward step by step that the current Huayicai Company is still able to shine in the overseas live stream room.We will conduct a 3-hour overseas live broadcast every day, and each live broadcast can bring different harvest and experience. So let's take a look at today's live stream room!

You can see it's by two girls explaining our products. First of all, the one being explained is one of today's main products - Christmas reindeer family motif light. This reindeer is a very harmonious and warm family reindeer motif light set, the male reindeer is 1.5 meters, the female reindeer is 1.2 meters, is showing the baby reindeer 75 cm.

Then we come back to see, this is being display reindeer disassemble. From this part, we can learn that the head, ears, tail and feet of the reindeer can be disassembled and folded, so the package size is very small, which saves transportation cost.This is the shape of the reindeer after disassembly, it is really small, so there is no need to worry about the high transportation cost because the package is too big.

The above is a small sharing of today's overseas live stream room of Huayicai Company, hope you can enjoy it.

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