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【Abstract : For Western countries, Christmas is a great festival, just as the Chinese treat the Spring Festival.】

Christmas is less than two months away. For Western countries, Christmas is a great festival, just as the Chinese treat the Spring Festival. In Chinese Spring Festival, the roadside is decorated with lights and red lanterns are hung at the entrance of every house. In Western countries, people also use lighting projects to create a festive atmosphere. 

In recent years, foreign festivals have gradually arrived in China, and Chinese people are also living the western festivals and experiencing the western culture. People on Christmas day will be carefully prepared Christmas costumes, decorate the venue for the holiday. So, of course, the Christmas tree is decorated with small gifts and lights. The Christmas tree is decorated with colorful lights, and the warm yellow color light shines on the tree, and the Christmas atmosphere is well set up at once. For everyone who has Christmas, it is essential to buy some beautiful lights, just like Chinese people will put up Spring Festival couplets, special Spring Festival goods, prepare gifts to give to friends and relatives and other activities. These activities have become an emotional bond for people. After months of being busy on their own, we all gather together on the day of the festival, laughing and talking, and it seems that on this day everyone's fatigue disappears. Family and friendship warm people, soothe people's inner negative emotions. This shows that the lighting project has a lot of positive effects on our lives.

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