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【Abstract : For people who are wandering outside, a lamp light will bring them the warmth of home.】

In Greek mythology, since Prometheus brought the fire, people gradually get used to bright places. For us now, "lightis already an essential thing in our lives, and even some people who live alone will leave the light on all night, so "lightfor us is not just for lighting. 

For people who are wandering outside, a lamp light will bring them the warmth of home. For students who are striving for advancement, a light will bring them the opportunity to surpass the curve. For parents, a light will bring warm companionship to their children. 

We can not only use the Christmas light project on Christmas day, but also every day after that. We can also see the gorgeous and colorful lights under our homes during the holidays, and each light is welcoming the arrival of the holidays, as well as welcoming everyone who is wandering home. So the Christmas lights project not only lights up the sky on Christmas night, but also warms everyone's heart.

The practicality of the lighting project is very wide. Every holiday evening, the square is the most lively, children playing together, merchants set up stalls, together with square dance mothers, and a group of young teenagers dancing with the lights. Some places, in order to highlight their own characteristics, will be choreographed according to the change of music "Christmas treelight show. Some light shows not only can enjoy the lights outside the "Christmas tree", people can also go inside the tree itself to see exciting light shows and enjoy a variety of holiday songs. 

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