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Creative Design Christmas Tree of Huayicai

【Abstract : Introduction of two Creative Design Christmas Tree of Huayicai】

The next ‘Christmas tree’ of Huayicai company is even more amazing. Instead of saying it is a Christmas tree lights, it is a delicate piece of art. It is actually a giant prism with LED lights hanging from it. It is a large decorative light with a height of 9 meters and a weight of 2 tons. Composed of 413 9-meter LED strips, this light is the world's first user-oriented, interactive, animated 3D visual display Christmas light. With just one stroke on the application in the cell phone, the two-dimensional objects on people's phones become actual 3d objects in front of visitors’ eyes. This light is very technological.

General ‘Christmas tree lights’ are made of metal materials and lighting devices, but the next Huayicai Christmas tree light we are going to introduce is innovative and break the traditional light production process. It brings the art of weaving to the design of the lights. The production team uses computer-controlled timer and lighting sensor to control the device based on ambient and natural light. During this process, the LED light will change with the timing system. During this process, the LED light will change with the timing system. When midnight comes, the light stays in a blue hue, emitting a clearer fluorescence. And at dawn, the sunlight penetrates through 80 triangular structures of different shapes, creating an infinite cutting space effect, just like a dream catcher.

Now the Christmas lights are no longer simply a combination of colored lights, but add more technological elements, so that visitors can not only watch, but also interact with the lights, increasing the fun. I hope we can see more beautiful, spectacular, high-tech Christmas lights in the future. I believe that with these wonderful motif light, we can feel the romance and warmth of Christmas even in the cold winter.

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