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【Abstract : Behind these amazing lanterns is the spread of lantern culture and the inheritance of craftsmanship.】

    Behind these amazing lanterns is the spread of lantern culture and the inheritance of craftsmanship. The shapes of the lanterns are in a variety of shapes, each of which is carefully made by the craftsmen. From the small craft lanterns to the huge lighting sets, it takes more experience and effort than you can imagine.
     In the design of lanterns, they should be drawn according to the theme, local characteristics and other factors, so that the lanterns will give off unique charm when presented. In the creation of lanterns, the selected materials can be said to be "multifarious". The materials of many lanterns are no longer as single as those of traditional lanterns. A group of lanterns may use dozens or even hundreds of materials. You see the unique dinosaur lantern, the scales of the dinosaur body are pasted with glass pieces, and then made of glass medicine bottles and needle tubes, shining.

    In these boutique light products, mostly rich materials, complex technology. In the process of installing the light, the electrician needs to conduct investigation and simulation according to the geographical location, lantern material and other factors. After countless fine-tuning, the light can be placed in an appropriate position. In the process of making lanterns, every step needs to be meticulous and perfect. Only by grinding them again and again can they show visitors such a delicate and beautiful lantern banquet.
    Thousands of colorful lights, with unique shapes, have been kept upright and innovated time and time again, bringing tourists excellent visual experience, which shows the indelible ingenuity of craftsmen.

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