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【Abstract : Huayicai company therefore also created a group of "goldfish lantern" light group.】

In recent years, many scenic spots have chosen lanterns as their features. All kinds of lanterns "gathered together" can be said to elevate the creation of lanterns to a higher level, a lot of tourists have attracted the name.

Huayicai company therefore also created a group of "goldfish lantern" light group. Looking at the countless "goldfish" suspended in the air, as if from the sea world swim out of the general vivid. Some goldfish quietly "stay" in the air, as if "fugue" general; Some goldfish like in and playmates happy "chat"; Some goldfish are happy to stir up the "wings", like to welcome your arrival. Every fish is busy with their own things, really is very vivid. Looking at them, the "color light", as a "elf" general lit up the dark night, both true and romantic, enjoy it and have to be shocked by its exquisite craft.

We should know that only with the common development and progress of The Times can lantern culture constantly create new works. In the process of creation, we should not only pursue the external beauty of lanterns, but also reflect the cultural connotation of lanterns.

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